Mark Skimming from Dentistry On The Square in Glasgow

Mark Skimming from Dentistry On The Square in Glasgow

Mark Skimming, principal dentist of Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow, was promised a doubling of his net profit every three years as a result of working with Spot On Business planning. In his words, ‘Andy has over delivered.’

Mark continues, ‘I have been working with Andy McDougall and the team at Spot On Business Planning for around three years now. So many accountants and dental business coaches merely scratch the surface but their approach is totally different.’

Mark was dubious of the promise to double his net profit but once the business planning process got underway, and Mark got an insight into his business and how his costs behaved, he could see how the promise was achievable.

The Spot On Business Planning process is very efficient. It is less about meetings and more about following the strategic planning process and applying some sound principles and methodologies to the nuances underpinning inefficiency for each dental business.

The Spot On Business Planning team knows the industry inside out. There is no scenario we haven’t encountered before. Whether you are a start up or want to maximise your exit strategy; whether your dental practice is performing well but lacks sound business methodologies or it is underperforming and needs radically help; regardless of your dental business structure: sole trader, partnership or limited company, SOBP can positively influence your financial performance.

If you want real financial insights to help your dental practice grow and to make sure your it achieves the results you have always dreamt of, contact the Spot On Business Planning team and request a free consultation to discover how your net profit could be doubled.

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