Some 100 practice managers and principals joined the launch of the Practice Managers Business Club in London on Saturday, November 10.

The Discovery Day introduced the business club – the brainchild of industry favourites Ashley Latter and Andy McDougall – attracting delegates from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, who attended to hear four inspirational speakers and find out more.

This revolutionary business club will provide forward-thinking PMs with the very best coaching the dental industry has to offer. Its aim is to up-skill PMs to help them become more effective business leaders.

Feedback from the Discovery Day at Friends House in Euston has been very positive. One attendee, Julie Randle, practice manager of Smile Style Dental Care Centre in Stafford, said:

“Not often do I come away from a course buzzing and with so many new ideas to implement. The speakers were first class, enjoyable, engaging, informative, passionate…the list goes on! Every time I hear Ashley and Andy speak I have more ideas and those light bulb moments that we all love.”

Other responses from attendees about what they most enjoyed about the day included:

“Very motivational and inspiring. Would recommend! Looking forward to putting ideas into practice,” Holly

“Gained valuable information and motivational ideas,” Julie

“Realising that we are not on our own with our challenges and that we can do something about it,” Gillian

Some 100 practice managers and principal dentists joined the Discovery Day for the PMBC

Some 100 practice managers and principal dentists joined the Discovery Day for the PMBC

Ashley and Andy were absolutely thrilled with the success of the day, which also provided delegates with six hours of verifiable CPD and a welcome pack that included information about membership perks including a copy of the launch edition of A-head for Business a quarterly magazine, details about forthcoming seminars and members’ only website, a business toolkit packed full of useful resources and more.

“The atmosphere was amazing and we are delighted with the feedback we have received from delegates, who seem very keen to join the club and take their practical skills and business success to the next level,” said Andy McDougall, from Spot On Business Planning.

For more information about the PMBC, which will kick off in January, please email us.