The best way to create your future is to plan it

Making it happen

If you can say yes to any of the following, you are not alone. Our dental business consultants have successfully dealt with every one of these problems and we can help you too.

  • Are you struggling to lead your dental team, manage your dental business, having had little training in business knowhow?
  • Is your dental business failing, or has it plateaued and you don’t know how to get it kick started or take it to the next level?
  • Do you have the bank manager breathing down your neck?
  • Are your dental associates profitable? If not, how will you change that?
  • Are your dental treatments profitable? Is your pricing developed tactically or are you still under the misconception you are using the hourly rate?
  • Are you looking to buy a dental business and need help to choose the right one and then need help to obtain the funding and have control once you have acquired it?
  • Do you know what is wrong but are struggling to implement the changes?
  • Are you starting up and need to have a business plan to ensure your cash flow represents a sustainable business model?
  • Do you know throughout the year, every month, that your dental business is on track?
  • Is each segment of your dental business equally profitable, NHS, fee per item, dental plan?
  • Are you getting ready to exit and want to maximise your value? How should you prepare for the due diligence process ahead?
  • Are you doing just fine and don’t want the bad year that is probably ahead?
  • Is your dental team the problem but you don’t know how to turn them into a high performance unit?
“Figures speak the truth. Andy is able to analyse your business and build it to a highly profitable and highly performing one.”
Norman Kendal, Kiln Lane Dental Practice, St. Helens
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A journey to financial success awaits

Our approach is to take the journey with you. Together we will breathe new life into your dental practice.

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Run a successful dental business

For some reason, dental schools don’t teach you how to run a dental business. With the dental business support from Spot On Business Planning you will discover the techniques that will make a difference and how to use them in a practical way to improve your financial result. Our dental business coach can help with pricing, profitability by clinician and income stream, effective stock control, break-even point analysis and the performance management of your dental practice and your team.

Business planning is a must for anyone who owns or runs a dental business or who is planning to buy or sell a dental practice in the next three years. With Andy’s McDougall’s guidance you will be absolutely clear about the gaps in your business knowledge and how to plug them to achieve your desired result. Andy uses words you are familiar with, such as vision, profit, brand and performance measurement, but brings them to life by illustrating how they are used practically to achieve your desired result.

By working with Andy as your dental business mentor, you will:

  • double your net profits every three years
  • be able to interpret your accounts and the vital metrics to keep your business in peak performance
  • understand the behavioural aspects of costs: both fixed and variable; direct and indirect; and the impact these have on your decision making
  • understand the gaps in your commercial knowledge and how to improve your decision making and subsequent implementation to deliver the necessary change
  • understand the difference between strategy and tactics and how that cascades to leadership and management

Need Help?

Andy McDougall has over 30 years’ strategic business planning experience and has applied his skills to the dental sector over the last 8, driving dental practices to improve their financial performance. He has an acute ability to highlight key areas for improvement and to provide the necessary expertise and support to turn strategy into action.

Spot On Business Planning specialises in the dental sector and offers a tailored service because your practice challenges, like your performance monitors, are unique. Finance is at the heart of what we do and we have a track record of transforming under-performing businesses and taking well-performing practices to new levels.

Our analysis uncovers the challenges facing your business and by taking a structured approach, we plan a completely different financial performance for the future. Typically our clients double their profits over a three-year period.

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