The best way to create your future is to plan it

Decision Making

If you think about it, where you are today in life is pretty much the outcome of all the decisions you have previously made. Where you and your dental business will be in 3, 5 or 10 years time will be very much linked to the decisions you make between now and then. So it might be a good idea to get good at making decisions!

There is no such thing as not making a decision. That in itself is a decision; it’s just a poor one. How can you get better at decision making? You need to know what decisions to make and how to make them correctly. It is impossible to eliminate risk but you can manage it.

Until you take action there is no decision. The fastest way to achieve the results you have previously only dreamt of, is to ask the right questions. Doing so inevitably leads you to the right answers and that’s exactly what we help you to do.

  1. In the moments of decision your destiny is reached
  2. Making decisions requires asking killer questions
  3. Decision making is the ultimate power
  4. People are afraid of making decisions because it usually means change
  5. Without change the result won’t change
  6. What decision could you make right now that would make a huge difference?

Decisions are the difference between success and failure

Decisions made. Action taken?

Taking action

When it comes to making decisions, there are three types of people: those who watch it happen, those who wondered what happened and those who make it happen. Which group do you fall into?

People are often afraid of making decisions because it usually means change and they are uncomfortable about delivering change. Some people make decisions but never follow them up with action. Or they take action and then revert back to the old way after only a short time, in which case they were only interested in the change but not committed to the decision. A staggering 95% of people break their New Year’s resolution by Jan 15 because they were not committed. A true decision means you have commitment.

There are four key questions (stages) in a business planning process. Stage 3 is implementation - or change - i.e. taking action on the true decisions you have made. In a dental practice this might be changing your treatment pricing and sticking to it or consulting with your associates about their remuneration. It is only when you take action that change will really happen.

Leaders don’t put off making decisions and they know the importance of making them in the correct order and sequence. By asking the killer questions and gaining the financial facts first you are better placed to make the right decisions. If you don’t make those decisions, what will it cost you? What is stopping you?

“We have been working with Spot On Business Planning for 5 years and have had to make some difficult decisions along the way. But when the evidence is presented to you it makes financial decisions easy.”
Bev Harston, Glendair Dental Practice, Derbyshire
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