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  • The Old School, School Lane, Whatton, Nottinghamshire NG13 9ES

Unlike other industry consultants, we don’t provide you with an all-singing, all-dancing rah-rah day, superficial training, some templates and a stack of notes then send you on your merry way to fathom it out alone.

Our philosophy is very different.

Dental business owners typically contact us for one of these reasons:

  • Profits have plateaued
  • Looking to exit in 3-5 years
  • Wanting to achieve better work-life balance without losing profitability
  • Aiming to expand and buy additional practices
  • Just bought first practice and want to run it properly
  • Business is in freefall and don’t know how to reverse the trend
  • Making good profit but lack financial control
One of our clients summed it up beautifully when he said we are like top sporting coaches training elite athletes towards Olympic success. Yes, the process involves decision-making, hard work and self-discipline. But if you follow our insightful, expert advice, you too could achieve dental gold and double your net profit within three years.
Thanks Khalid!
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Khalid Master from Bank View Smile Studio talks

Our breadth of skills extends to strategy & strategic planning, financial analysis, strategic and tactical marketing, change & performance management, leadership & management development, problem solving, decision-making … everything you need to run your business effectively and profitably.

We share and implement business and leadership skills that will make you and your management team more savvy, structured and successful.

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Our knowledge and experience of what makes a dental business tick is vast. We’d be delighted to reveal the secrets hidden in your numbers. Learn more about your dental business during a free Zoom consultation with Andy McDougall, who will use your specific numbers to illustrate how we could double your net profit in three years.

Send us your last three years' financial accounts. We will analyse them and during your one-hour complimentary Zoom call, Andy will explain the strengths and weaknesses in your numbers.

Spoton - Logo
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  • The Old School, School Lane, Whatton, Nottinghamshire NG13 9ES