Goldsworth Road Dental logo - Many thanks to Kate Pritchard from Goldsworth Road Dental for her glowing testimonial of Andy McDougall and his team at Spot On Busines Planning

Many thanks to Kate Pritchard from Goldsworth Road Dental for her glowing testimonial of Andy McDougall and his team at Spot On Busines Planning

We are delighted to share this testimonial from Kate Pritchard, partner at Goldsworth Road Dental in Woking, Surrey.

“We have been with Spot On Business Planning since 2011. I attended a business planning course Andy was running with the BDA and I spoke to him afterwards to ask him to come into our business.

I was doing the level 7 course with the Institute of Leadership and Management at the time. At that point we had no current figures and no ability to forecast or plan strategically. Andy goes through a very logical process and this appeals to the way my mind works. We looked at absolutely everything – and eventually overhauled everything too!

I became a partner in 2006 and the practice had been running for a considerable number of years before that. It was being badly managed. We would know what our tax bill was going to be two weeks before we got it and would have to scramble around to find the money. There was quite often not enough to pay it.

We are now able to plan, forecast and adjust to change as required. This is a stark contrast to our life before Spot On Business Planning where our finance administrator would come to us at the end of each month to ask which bills we could pay!

Time and motion analysis allows us to analyse our productivity and profitability. We now have a very detailed understanding of our business and have increased our business turnover year on year.

The specific strategies that SOBP determined that have made a real difference are the operational management that has helped us reduce our staff costs, and improving our ability to plan for future increases with a full understanding of our increased costs from the management accounts as well as cost analysis for each treatment item.

We used to have three practices and we sold two of them streamlining and overhauling the way we did everything. We restructured our team and recruited a practice manager from outside, who had good computer and HR skills but no dental experience. With help from SOBP I spent the first year setting up the systems with her and getting everything right from the outset, starting a process that meant we could measure everything in real time.

We have a very good working relationship. Andy, Anne-Marie and the rest of the team are always available to help with any problems or deliver solutions. They genuinely care about our business.

Their face-to-face meetings and regular Zoom conference calls are a very efficient and time-friendly way of keeping our business on track.

I would – and have – recommended Spot On Business Planning to others. What I would say to anyone is, “If you think you know your practice, get them to come and test it!”

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