BDA logo -Join dental business coach Andy McDougall from Spot On Business Planning for his business essentials courses at the BDA

Join dental business coach Andy McDougall from Spot On Business Planning for his business essentials courses at the BDA

On two Fridays in October the BDA held a Business Essentials ‘What every dental practice owner needs to know’ training course that was met with widespread praise from delegates.

Attendees were asked to complete a course evaluation form and 100% said they were satisfied with the event overall and 100% praised dental business coach Andy McDougall, from Spot On Business Planning, for his content, which they rated either excellent (82%) or good (18%). His presentation was given further praise with 81% rating it excellent and 19% good.

Aims and objectives

  • Were the educational aims and objectives made clear in advance of the meeting? 95% said yes
  • Do you understand how to assess your business’ current position? 98% said yes
  • Can you now appreciate a range of commercial techniques? 100% said yes
  • Can you consider how these techniques can be applied to your business? 100% said yes
  • Can you appreciate how to drive profitability in your practice? 100% said yes

Delegates were asked what they most liked about the business planning course and here are just some of the responses Andy received:

  • Direct language and actions
  • Energetic and clear explanation of a subject that could easily be very hard going
  • Explanation of accountancy principles and how to apply them in dentistry
  • Interesting and relevant topic in which we get no training at dental school
  • Listening to Andy and his jokes J. Very inspirational and motivating
  • Made me apply scenarios at my own practice
  • Good presentation and logical approach and format
  • Relevant and lots of ideas for scrutinising my business

When asked what the most useful action point delegates would take away from this course, respondents said:

  • Andy’s number
  • How to read a set of accounts
  • The 4 stages involved in business planning
  • Having to delve deeper into the numbers to understand why
  • Copy of the presentation
  • Knowing how to interpret accounts better and the large impact subtle changes can bring about
  • Strategy is important – profit increases are possible without spending
  • Thanks a lot Andy and Anne-Marie – very useful information as always

If you would like to find out about Andy’s upcoming courses, please email us or call 01949 851723.